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Marketing & Branding

Marketing is all about matching your customer needs with your business capabilities.

Marketing, Branding and Customer Experience or otherwise known as Customer Advocacy is evolving so quickly companies are finding it almost impossible to keep up with trends and changes. Online Marketing and Social Media are the hip hop kids on the block and far too important to be managed by an individual who recently attended an on line seminar or talk! Marketing or the lack of marketing should be the Number 1 priority of savvy Business Owners to manage and get right as lets face it – social media is your businesses 24 hour sales person that never sleeps, takes a vacation or gets sick.

At KENT Consulting we can help you identify what is the most appropriate marketing method and what options will generate the most cost effective results for your business. We have the expertise and capability to direct and manage all your marketing and social media needs from strategic planning, PR and communications, through to marketing, advertising, branding and design.

Business sole purpose is to create and keep a customer and to solve a problem –  marketing purpose is to match the needs of that customer with the capabilities of a companies product or service – true marketers take a strategic approach to their marketing process and techniques. At KENT Consulting we will help you select the right techniques for your specific business, identify your target market and ideal client profile, what your Market Dominating Position should be, develop your marketing and branding  strategy and implementation to ensure you dominate your marketplace and competitors.

Effective Marketing is all about good strategy, strong tactics and communicating with the right target market effectively and efficiently – good Marketing delivers value and return on investment and is not just a ‘nice to have’ activity which can be switched on and off on a whim!

Branding & Design

When it comes down to branding and design we have the expertise and capability to make your brand rock by creating a memorable brand experience and customer advocacy. Whether you are just starting out or an existing business in need of a reboot, we are here to ensure your brand strategy, design management and customer advocacy are a complete success.

A true brand is a statement of trust, commitment and promise, creating a relationship between the business and its customers. Get your brand right and it will add significant value and competitive advantage to your business. Get it wrong and it could be terminal. Great brands focus on the customer experience and constantly measure customer success to ensure promises, commitments and experiences are not just being met but being over achieved.

Your brand is your guiding light, your Northern Star, your purpose and reason for being. It is what orientates your business and your employees in every decision they make. It should be why they joined your business in the first place.

Peter Drucker, management pioneer, writer and consultant summed up the importance of marketing brilliantly: ‘The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous’

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