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LinkedIn Makeover & Personal Branding

LinkedIn is your secret weapon!

If you are looking for a new job and want to impress an employer with your LinkedIn profile or if you are a Business and looking for more sales – you need to ensure your LinkedIn profile and Business page are fully optimized, saying all the right things and presenting you in the best possible way, if not you then need a LinkedIn Profile and Personal Brand Makeover.

The first thing that any savvy professional does when they want to find out about another person is to Google them and check their LinkedIn profile – a great profile must present and communicate the right information in a way which is easy to understand, stating who you are, what you do and what problems you can solve, your experience and how to make contact with you. Simple!

Well not really. So many people just do not get it. I constantly hear people moaning that prospects and potential employers do not return their calls and LinkedIn does not work! And when I visit their LinkedIn profile I find they have no profile picture or if they have its a really poor quality one, they have little or no detail about themselves, their headline does not stand out, they have a  poorly written summary and description, they have not added their skills, there is no contact information – in fact they might as well not bother having a LinkedIn profile in the first place.

Let’s change all that!

At KENT Consulting we understand the importance of a great LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful professional networking tool which can serve as your online billboard: your website, your landing page, a sales letter and a great first impression. It is your Personal Brand, it is how the world will perceive you and it must stand out for all the right reasons.

So how do you get your LinkedIn profile to stand out?

It can be done and we can help you present yourself with a LinkedIn Profile and Personal Brand Makeover or if you are a Business Owner we can help you generate more leads with little or no ad spend.

The question we always ask is ‘how many people do you know today?’ followed by ‘how many people could potentially know you and do business with you with a professional LinkedIn profile?’ There is honestly no limit. But you need to work it and we want to help you get the results you are looking for.

If you are looking for a LinkedIn Makeover or you want to generate more leads for your business and it is something you are interested in call: +353 87 2555 263