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Is your business ready for the economic upturn?

Is your business ready for the economic upturn?

For many people the recession that we are finally seeing the back of brings only thoughts of despair and disappointment through lost businesses and personal hardship. Without wishing to come across as uncaring or with a cavalier attitude to what many businesses and individuals have been through, it must be said that many companies that have emerged from the recession should be in a much stronger position than they were before the downturn started.


In many cases the dead wood has been left behind and the young saplings and stronger and more mature trees have emerged with what looks like extremely exciting times in front of them. What could be a more appropriate term for the recession than a ‘Cleansing Fire’ similar to what happens in a forest fire. It is as if a raging fire has engulfed everything that we, in business, regarded as the norm, so to speak, and all that is left are the strong organisations that have built their businesses with firm foundations and have taken the time and energy to reinvent themselves and invest in the future.


Rather than just give up, the companies that have suffered and possibly failed over the past few years should take time to look at how the companies that have survived and thrived went about their business. In most cases you will find that when the going got tough, the strong companies didn’t stop advertising or marketing their business, they did not lose sight of their visions, strategy and goals nor did they hold back with training and upskilling of their employees, particularly their sales staff, no, they pushed forward, committed to a strategy that from strong foundations and determination they could and would not fail.


This ‘Cleansing Fire‘ which can be considered as a natural phenomenon should be a lesson for us all, when another downturn arrives, which believe me, it will, make sure that you are in a position to take advantage of it and push your business forward to the next level.


For now, look at the many opportunities that are presenting themselves to almost every sector out there, refuse to contemplate the negatives. The‘Cleansing Fire’ has always been with us but the recent down turn has only gone to emphasise how vulnerable we all are. Treat it as a valuable lesson, if you do, the recent struggles and challenges will not have been in vain but will have taught us all an invaluable lesson that business schools and universities never will!


It is vital that we do not (once again) go on a gluttony of new business start-ups who have no real chance of succeeding through incorrect mix of talent, wrong business model, lack of differentiation and poor sales strategy. The stats are startling – 8 out of 10 businesses will fail within the first 18 months – that is an incredible 80% which could have been avoided if they had spent time researching and carefully considering their real point of difference, their vision of the future and meeting the real needs of their potential customers.


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