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Interview with Tim Norton – NZ serial entrepreneur talks about Marketing

Interview with Tim Norton – NZ serial entrepreneur talks about Marketing

Just watched this very inspirational video with Tim Norton, entrepreneur and founder of 90 Seconds TV talking to New Zealand’s Marketing Association. Tim gives excellent advice about creating and developing your career, how to get ahead and standout. He speaks about how he sees the future opportunities being the convergence of Marketing and Technology and how modern businesses will grow and succeed.

He pumped 195,000 out of a 200,000 budget into his first venture building a software product but he made the classic mistake of leaving nothing for marketing – lesson learnt ‘Market the opportunity first’

His next venture started with a web page and nothing else! When he got some traction then he got around to building the product. He firmly believes in marketing something really well and getting international attention. Lesson two ‘Don’t be afraid to tell a story bigger than you can deliver’.

He goes onto speak in Lesson three about ‘Double Down’ – strengthening your commitment to a particular strategy or course of action, typically one that is potentially risky but the reward if it pays off will be great. Only problem with Doubling Down is that things will get hectic, with over promises, too much stretch and doors will be constantly opening but you have to follow through and deliver behind them.

All this Doubling Down brings plenty of highs but also lows – Lesson four: always communicate even while making mistakes and possible failures.

The only thing he had to show after 4 years of being in business for himself and 4 years of working for someone else was experience and a lean bank account. Having seen the potential and power of PR, TV, Web, Content Marketing and Video Marketing he consolidated and harvested all his marketing experience and started his latest venture 90 Seconds TV, on demand video production for the World.

Lesson five: If you make a promise you have to deliver and this time round Tim’s new venture has been started with just enough marketing to get attention with a whole lot of delivery and execution.

He goes on to explain that marketing ultimately delivers customers into the front of the business painting a picture of the opportunity and a story of where your business fits into their world. His final piece of advice is to focus on the quality of the opportunity and not on the money.

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