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Hire slow – fire quick; but how do you keep the good ones.

Hire slow – fire quick; but how do you keep the good ones.

How many times have you hired a new employee and within a short time you start to see the cracks and wonder ‘did I make a mistake and take on the wrong person’. It happens and sadly all too often. It is said ‘you get the company you deserve’ – so let’s start on a positive note by employing the right people for the right reasons in the right jobs.

The greatest challenge you will face as a leader is your ability to find, develop and retain the best people which in turn lets face it will determine the future success of your business.

But before you start it is worth asking yourself (and answer honestly) would you like to work for your company and as ‘The Boss’ are you a true motivator and leader, someone that people respect and want to work for.

Your job as employer is to recognise the ‘winners’ and ‘talented newcomers’ who will inevitably join your team, people who genuinely want to work with you (not ‘for you’) and in turn will learn from you because at the end of the day you are their guide and mentor. Your teaching and guidance will determine both your and their success. So how do you get and keep them from being lured away by your competition or looking for opportunities elsewhere?

The key to keeping your greatest talent and assets is to create a culture that is hard to walk away from.

People join companies that they look up to and respect, they join companies that are fun and who represent the values they live by that are similar to their own. Your brand, mission and values are all critical aspects and need to be considered and nurtured carefully. People can quit a job but find it hard to quit a cause. They want to know that what they do everyday matters and in turn that they are respected and listened to. Create a team with shared collective principles, it is then much easier to keep everyone engaged and aligned. Look beyond the person to find out what they stand for and not for their potential and skill.

By asking yourself ‘how can I make my team and company better’. We all have two ears and one mouth which should be used in that order. By valuing your employees regardless of their position you will receive feedback at all levels. When people know they have a voice which their boss listens to and respects they enjoy their workplace even more.

Make your workplace a fun environment, learn to relax and enjoy the company of your employees, let’s face it you will be spending the best part of your day and life with them. Obviously there is time to be serious but being serious doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. Create coaching experiences and opportunities so that everyone can learn in an enjoyable and pleasant manner as every day can be a school day.


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