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How to turn Prospects into Loyal Customers

How to turn Prospects into Loyal Customers


So your lead generation and marketing campaigns are finally showing results, people are checking out your site and sending or calling you for more information, so what do you need to do to turn those hard earned prospects into customers. Here are a few key ways to draw them in and make that sale. You need to be:

• Inviting
• Informative
• Trustworthy

The biggest fear of most new customers is the dreaded ‘buyer’s remorse’. You want to avoid this at all costs and this should be mitigated if you’ve provided a quality product/service that delivers on the marketing claims and promises you’ve made.
However, if ‘buyer’s remorse’ does occur here are two ways to deal with it:

• Offer to refund money with no questions asked
• Offer a bonus they can keep even if they return the product

By being professional and treating the customer with respect you will mitigate the ‘buyer’s remorse’ because the customer will trust you more, just by offering these things.
There are number of other ways to turn a prospect into a loyal customer:

1. Offer a special ‘introductory’ price as an opportunity for you to test the market.
2. Offer a lower price with the reason of moving on inventory to make way for new stock, end of line clearance or another tangible reason. Prospects love a good bargain.
3. Offer a referral incentive.
4. Offer a smaller, more inexpensive product / service by down selling to build trust and rapport.
5. Offer package deals with a discount
6. Offer to charge less for their first purchase if they become a repeat customer.
7. Offer extra incentives: extended warranties, free bonuses if ordered by a given date.
8. Offer financing options over a number of months only if applicable.
9. Offer a bonus or discount if they pay in full now.
10. Offer special packaging or delivery.
11. Offer an upgrade to something they already have.
12. Offer additional, educational information to help them make the decision.

The options really are as limitless as you make it. You can use these or other ideas to find what works best for your business, products/service and target market. Remember this…
“By making it inviting, easy, informative, non-threatening, educational, inspiring and fun to do business with you, you’ll loft your company above the competition.” Jay Abraham
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