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Executive & Leadership Coaching

As a Business Owner you probably have sleepless nights worrying about how to grow your business – what should have been your best decision starting your own business turns out to be the worst ‘job’ in the World!

An Executive & Leadership Coach and Mentor can help you survive the start-up phase and as the business matures and becomes more established can help to evolve, transform and grow your business. Their input can make the difference between having a mediocre business or running a dynamic, forward thinking enterprise which is always on target, on strategy and an enjoyable, rewarding place not just to work in but to be part of. As Bill Gates said during a Ted Talks presentation ‘We all need a coach’, one who will listen, facilitate, give feedback, offer ​support ​and ​help ​​so you can you take the right steps and improvements in your life or in your business.

The majority of Business Owners do not realize until it is too late that running a business can be a lonely place as they have few people they can honestly turn to for support and advice. Whether you are a top athlete like Lewis Hamilton, Rory McIntyre Valentino Rossi, Alex Thomson or Rob Kearney – you do not reach the peak of your performance and career without the support and encouragement of a Coach, someone to motivate and help overcome your next challenge, achieve your next goal and being there when the going gets tough and boy can it get tough as the winning line will always be shifting.

The following few words were written on a business card I got from a designer called Jonathon Sands of Elmwood Design who was awarded an OBE in 2011 for outstanding services to the creative industry: We are all taking part in a race, a race we can never win. There can be no winners because there is no finishing line……..just a dynamic arena in which conditions are always changing. The challenge is to lead from the front: seize the initiative, embrace change and be inspired. Organisations that take the lead are driven by great forces.”

At the time I did not give the few words much thought apart from the fact it was unusual to use the back of a business card in such a manner but as the years passed I grew to understand and appreciate exactly what Jonathon meant.

For the majority of business owners both small and big there is no ‘finishing line’, every day their environment changes and they go from one challenge to the next. But the companies who manage to stand out and ‘win’ become the dominant players in their sector. They have strong purpose and vision, they are always evolving for the betterment of the company and the brand, they stay one step ahead of the competition, deliver incredible service, have great leaders and attract exceptional employees. They are the companies who are the ‘True winners’.

One of the best things you can do is to take time out from your day to day activity. Giving yourself head space to work ‘On’ and not just ‘In’ your business and life. Time to review your strategy, tactics and vision objectively and deciding on the moves that you need to make to reach and achieve your next milestone. All great in practice but how many people honestly take time out and work ‘On’ their business and their life.

A tell-tale sign you may need to take time out are:

  • The results you want are simply not happening.
  • You are struggling to make the right decision and constantly feel overwhelmed.
  • You feel stuck with no way out with no one to confide in.
  • Your business vision is no longer clear and you are wondering ‘where are we going to with all this.’
  • Leads and sales are drying up and your competitors seem to be constantly one step ahead of you.
  • Your employees are leaving likes rats deserting a sinking ship.
  • Your dream of being a business owner is starting to feel like the worst job in the World.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above its time to seriously think about seeking external help and assistance. The mere act of confiding, talking and sharing your problems with an external Coach can help overcome the obstacles and get you back on track.

By engaging and working with Howard Kent of KENT Consulting you will have a confidential sounding board, someone who has the capability, track record and experience to help. Someone who will listen, discuss, guide and tease out the issues, objectively in an independent and impartial manner. Acting as your Accountability Partner, ensuring what you say you will do is done. Helping to focus on the ‘big picture’ while providing support and motivation and where necessary challenging the status quo.

Consider Howard as your High Trust Advisor – keeping you focused while providing support and encouragement, helping to motivate and inspire you to reach and achieve your vision, objectives and goals.

As a certified and accredited EMCC Executive and Leadership Coach I believe in keeping myself at the cutting edge of business and coaching through continuous professional development and training in business, marketing (both Offline and Online), coaching and personal development skills.

For further information about my Executive and Leadership Coaching please visit:

Call +353 87 2555 263 for a confidential 1:1 conversation.