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How to control your in box before it controls you!

Back in the days the only ways to communicate with another person was by meeting them face to face, calling them over the phone, sending...

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Technology is creating more jobs than it destroys

09/03/2015 Marketing, Technology 0

Its official – technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed in the last 144 years according to a report produced by Deloitte –...

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What’s happening with Google+

05/14/2014 Marketing, Technology 0

After the recent departure of its leader Vic Gundotra, Google+ may well be departing the social media world, or at least changing its image dramatically....

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Interview with Tim Norton – NZ serial entrepreneur talks about Marketing

Just watched this very inspirational video with Tim Norton, entrepreneur and founder of 90 Seconds TV talking to New Zealand’s Marketing Association. Tim gives excellent...

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Cloud computing comes of age

04/19/2014 Technology 0

For some years now, banks have been grappling with the idea of cloud. A bit like Big Data, ‘cloud’ is this amorphic term that offers...

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