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Business Transformation

For a business to be truly successful irrespective if it is an SME or an Enterprise size business it needs to have a clear, well thought out Business Strategy, Vision, Purpose, Values and Plan that are clearly understood and communicated to all the stakeholders and employees. Every business regularly need to transform themselves so they are relevant and answer the needs of the market.

When the right strategy, vision, purpose and values are in place and clear communicated, the results can be dramatic: increased performance, profitability, exceptional customer service and experience, improved morale and everyone working together as one focused and committed team for the betterment of the customer, the business and themselves.

Strategic Planning is not just for big business!

A lot of ‘Business Owners’ mistakenly think that because they are good at something that they will be good at running their own business. Not always the case. This is probably one of the greatest myths and mistakes a Business Owner can make! Turning what seemed like a great idea into probably the worst ‘job’ in the world, wasting their time, money, their life and health while creating anxiety on not only themselves but their family that would never have happened if they had stayed working for someone else.

Many Business Owners need support to help them see the ‘wood from the trees’, as they find themselves immersed in the day to day running of the business that they suffer overwhelm and they do not know what they should be focusing on next with no one to turn to for help advice.

Howard Kent of KENT Consulting can help overwhelmed Business Owners by providing the support and guidance needed. Helping to develop and define an effective business strategy and plan that will give you the advantage over your competition with clear objectives, goals, deliverables and targets which are then communicated to the people that matter – your employees and ultimately your customers so they become ‘raving fans’.

We work with companies at all stages of their business life cycle providing support and expertise to companies that are no longer answering the ‘needs’ of their clients, helping them to transform and evolve ensuring a successful and profitable outcome.

We look for what we call ‘The Gap’  in a business which is made up of the 5 P’s to business success, which are:

  • Have a clearly defined Purpose
  • Answer your customer’s needs and wants with the right Product solution
  • Follow a step-by-step Process
  • Employ highly motivated and well trained People
  • Deliver a sustainable and achievable Profit margin

When these areas are aligned a business can be described as being ‘Healthy and Thriving’. But if any one of them go out of alignment a healthy business can quickly turn into an unhealthy and troubled entity, losing market share, brand loyalty and positioning, valuable employees, direction and customers.

Our objective at KENT Consulting is to identify and correct any misalignment of these areas, to evolve and turn the business around into a profitable and sustainable enterprise meeting the objectives of the business, its owner, employees and its reason for being.

Call Howard Kent on +353 87 2555 263 for a Business Breakthrough Strategy session

The Business with Clarity, Vision and Purpose will always Outperform their Competitors and Win.