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KENT Consulting – Business Growth Specialists

KENT Consulting will help you grow your business, increase sales and profitability through authentic marketing, business development, executive and leadership coaching.

Whatever challenges you maybe facing we will listen, give constructive feedback, help develop a roadmap and provide strategic and marketing advice that gets Results. Our objective is to deliver business growth and sustainable profitability in a focused and practical manner drawing on over three decades of experience, our wealth of knowledge and expertise so that you get the right advice and the results you are looking for.

My name is Howard Kent and I own KENT Consulting – I am not just a text book junkie but an experienced and seasoned marketing, business, executive coach and mentor who knows and recognizes that simply carrying out a review and writing a report is of little or no value to a busy and pressurized Business Owner or Leadership Executive who wants results and wants them now. I know what it is like as I have been there done that as a business owner myself for over 30 years.

My mission is to look for the ‘Gap’ in a business which can be made up of the 5 x P’s of ‘Purpose, Product, Process, People or Profit’, correcting any misalignment while providing timely solutions to develop a business into a more profitable and sustainable enterprise that can work without you.

The 5 P’s to business success are:

  • Have a clearly defined Purpose
  • Answer your customer’s needs and wants with the right Product solution
  • Follow a step-by-step Process
  • Employ highly motivated and well trained People
  • Deliver a sustainable and achievable Profit margin

Let’s not beat about the bush – working with an Executive Coach is not for everyone. It is a team effort which takes commitment from both sides. On my part I am committed to help you grow but you must share the same passion and commitment. I need you to trust the process and have some fun at the same time as we are going to be spending a lot of time together and I need to know we are right for each other. So let’s schedule a call to talk about your business, your life, your needs and your goals but more importantly what is stopping you and where are the roadblocks from having a business and life you deserve?

If you are serious about growing your business and are looking for help – then call me on +353 87 2555 263 to discuss how I can help you make a difference in your business and your life.


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