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Business Development

A business is like a person: it’s life blood is sales and cash-flow is the heart beat. One cannot survive without the other.


KENT Consulting has the expertise to bring your sales and business growth to the next level but first we need to ensure your Business Fundamentals are established and in place. Only then can we help you to evolve, develop and grow.

Every business is driven by numbers or drivers: Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These are the critical numbers or indices that determine the success or failure of a business. Measurement of sales and business growth development apart from cash flow are probably the most critical number to be measured and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Business Development is more than just developing new business leads – it is all about how each function is performing across the whole business:

  • What is it like to do business with your company – is it a pleasant and professional experience or is it unfriendly, curt and unhelpful?
  • Are you making the right profit margin?
  • Is the balance right between new customers and existing ones?
  • Are you suffering customer churn?
  • Are customer relationships being managed proactively or re-actively?
  • Are enough leads being generated to sustain the sales team?
  • What is the state of the order book?
  • Are there enough leads in the pipeline?
  • Are internal processes in place to deal with everyday challenges and complaints?
  • Have you ever interviewed your customers to ask for their opinion about your product or your service?
  • Are you measuring and tracking Customer Success?
  • Can the business survive if key clients are lost?
  • Are people trained to deliver professional and exceptional service?
  • Are the right processes in place to handle additional sales?

These are the type of questions that we need answers to help your business grow. Whatever the challenges are, we will help find a solution so you can grow your business into a profitable and sustainable enterprise that works without you!

Let us help you unlock the true potential within your business.

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