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My name is Howard Kent. I am a marketing strategist……qualified and accredited EMCC Executive and Leadership Coach with over 30 years of practical experience delivering consistent value and results for clients. I specialize in Marketing, Business Development, Branding and Strategic Planning. I help Business Owners and Leadership Executives evolve, develop and grow not only themselves but also their business by out marketing their competition, generating more leads and sales, while growing their profits.

I am a seasoned Marketing and Business professional with over 30 years of practical experience delivering consistent value through Executive Coaching and Mentoring. I am trustworthy, motivational, resourceful, curious, commercially minded, results-driven, practical, diligent, focused and most importantly – a Trusted Adviser.

I have built and run my own business for the best part of my working life so I know exactly what it is like with the highs and lows of being a business owner. It’s not easy and it certainly can be lonely, with few people who you can confide in and trust. Everyone has an opinion but when it comes down to the final say – the buck stops with you, the business owner.

I have exceptional marketing, business and personal development skills, excellent reputation and a strong network of contacts and complimentary supplier base combined with an ability to motivate and persuade in a constructive, positive, friendly yet firm manner.

I am a certified and accredited EMCC Executive and Leadership Coach. I believe in keeping myself at the cutting edge of business and coaching through continuous professional development and training in business, marketing (both Offline and Online), coaching and personal development. I am is a keen sailor, enjoy outdoor activities and travel.

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