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Technology is creating more jobs than it destroys

09/03/2015 Marketing, Technology 0

Its official – technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed in the last 144 years according to a report produced by Deloitte –…

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Why Branding has never been more important to your Business

It is often forgotten that the most valuable asset that any business has is its brand, this fact can be confirmed by taking notice of…

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Is your business ready for the economic upturn?

For many people the recession that we are finally seeing the back of brings only thoughts of despair and disappointment through lost businesses and personal…

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What’s happening with Google+

05/14/2014 Marketing, Technology 0

After the recent departure of its leader Vic Gundotra, Google+ may well be departing the social media world, or at least changing its image dramatically….

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It’s all about the numbers or lack of………

It never ceases to amazes me when I ask a Business Owner about how many clients they have and how often they do business with…

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