As a Business Owner you probably spend most of your time thinking about how to improve your life and grow your business but who can you turn to confide in and get expert advice and guidance?

A Business Coach can help you survive the start up phase and help to evolve and grow your business during its lifecycle. Their input can make the difference between having a mediocre business or running a dynamic, forward thinking enterprise which is always on target, on strategy and an enjoyable, rewarding place not just to work in but to be part of.

The majority of Business Owners do not realize that running a business can be a lonely place as they have few people they can honestly turn to for support and advice. It is the same with a top athlete – they do not reach the peak of their performance and career without the support and encouragement from a Coach, someone to motivate and help them reach their next goal and being there when the going gets tough and boy can it get tough!

One of the best exercises you can do is take time out from your day to day activity. Allowing time and head space to work ‘On’ and not just ‘In’ your business and life. Time to review your strategy, tactics and vision objectively and deciding on the correct moves the you need to take to reach your next milestone. All great in practice but how many people honestly take time out and work ‘On’ their business and their life. Can you honestly say you take time out to get head space and plan?

A proactive Coach will ensure time is put aside by the Business Owners and Individuals on a regular basis to take a reality check and see where they are at and what is needed to do to get back on track to success.

By engaging with Howard Kent of KENT Consulting you will have a confidential sounding board, someone who has the capability, track record and experience. Someone who will add to the bottom line, deliver value, listen, discuss, guide and tease out the issues, objectively. Helping to focus on the ‘big picture’ providing support and motivation and where necessary challenging the current thinking.

At KENT Consulting, we have the capability and experience to advise and act as your Business Coach and non-executive Management Advisor but more importantly as your High Trust Advisor – keeping you focused while providing much needed support and encouragement, helping to motivate and inspire you to reach and achieve your objectives and goals.

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