Growing a business is probably the most important item on any business owners agenda. Are you attracting the right type of clients so you can profitably grow your business?

At KENT Consulting we work with established companies and start ups, helping them to think differently about how they strategically market and position their business in the minds of their customers. We believe that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ or otherwise everyone would be doing it – that is why we spend time getting to know our clients and the challenges they face but one thing is certain there is always room for improvement.

Whether you are looking to re build your business or starting out with a new venture we will use our extensive marketing and business expertise to help bring out the best in your business and to guide you to profitable and sustainable growth.

So lets help you make 2017 the best year yet!

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Marketing is all about creating a Market Dominating Position and capturing your Target Markets attention so they buy only off you. We will help you identify the right strategic options either on or off line to generate the most effective results for your business.

Sales & Lead Generation

Your business growth, performance and profitability is determined by how effective your business is at lead generation and the health of your sales funnel – sales is the only activity that can and will turn your business a profitable enterprise.

Business Mentoring & Executive Coaching

Getting the right Mentoring and Coaching can make the difference between having a mediocre business or having a dynamic, forward thinking & profitable enterprise which is always on target and on strategy and simply a great place to work.

Strategic & Business Growth Planning

A business needs to have a clear, well thought out and sustainable business vision, strategy and plan to be successful. It is the North star and guiding light to success. We can help you identify the gaps that are holding your business back and get you back on track to profitable and sustainable growth.

 What Our Clients Say About Us

Michael Doherty
MD | Medicare

I can recommend Howard for his skills in both the areas of business development and marketing. His excellent market perspective and retail knowledge allow him to provide the best advice, no matter what the business sector…

Lorcan Power
BDM | Ulster Bank

Howard uniquely sees the Business and its ongoing requirements from an experienced viewpoint. He is insightful, professional and constructive in his every business dealing. I have no hesitation in recommending Howard.

Growing Your Business

What they don’t teach you at Business School.

This book has been written by Howard Kent specifically for the business owner who wants to beat their competition and win more business. It covers the fundamentals based on first-hand experience built up over the past 30 years and how to apply the information generating immediate profitable results and on going success.

Available to buy in hard copy shortly and on the Kindle store:

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The most expensive and hardest function of any business
is acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

We understand exactly how a Business Owner thinks as we are one ourselves – we know and understand your desire to build a successful and profitable business but we also understand the struggle to continuously grow and attract new clients. At KENT Consulting we can help make a dramatic difference and improvement to your revenue, sales and profitability, shifting you from continuously struggling and simply surviving to growing and striving.

That is why we have our World Class e-Learning Marketing system designed specifically for you, the busy Business Owner to help grow your business, out market your competition and dominate your marketplace.

Simply click on the link below to find out more about our on line e-Learning Marketing System Rocket Growth Academy or call us for an overview and how we can help you improve your business .

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